LTL – Less-than-truckload

Shipping less-than-truckload (LTL) freight is quick and easy with our Chemship-TMS system. You can quote, book and manage LTL shipments of various sizes on a shipment-by-shipment basis, or have your own negotiated tariffs loaded into the system for efficient and cost-effective transport. Chemship-TMS provides end-to-end shipment execution, powered by industry leading transportation management system technology.

Regular LTL shipments weighing less than 10,000 pounds, or less than seven pallet positions, can be quoted, booked and dispatched directly in Chemship-TMS. During transport, you can track your shipment, get copies of shipping documents and review performance via user-defined custom reports, available through the Chemship-TMS customer portal.

Volume LTL shipments weighing more than 10,000 pounds, or more than six pallet positions, can be rated, booked and dispatched directly in Chemical-TMS. Unlike other online freight shipping solutions, we offer instant volume LTL rating and shipping. During transport, you can track your shipments through delivery, get copies of shipping documents and review performance via user-defined custom reports, available through the Chemship-TMS customer portal

Expedited LTL for shipments that require time definite or guaranteed delivery are managed by our staff of transportation specialists. Simply provide the details of your request in Chemship-TMS, and we handle the rest. We provide fast quotes, expedited pick-up and a variety of tracking and notification services, to keep you apprised of your shipment status throughout delivery. This includes email notification, real-time EDI updates and telephone notifications, if preferred.

T/L – Truckload

We offer a variety of full truckload services by truck and rail, between all U.S. points, using our Chemship-TMS system. Over-the-road truckload rates are available instantly, and intermodal rail quotes are provided by our professionals who quote, schedule and dispatch shipments. Once shipped, all truckloads can be tracked and managed through your customized Chemship-TMS customer portal.

Over-the-road truckload is available for shipments of any weight up to 44,000 pounds, or a maximum of 53 feet in trailer length. For shippers requiring dedicated service or capacity, we will load tariffs into Chemship-TMS, for efficient and cost-effective over-the-road truckload shipping.

Over-the-road full truckload services include:

  • Dry Van
  • Refrigerated/Temperature Controlled/Protect From Freeze
  • Flatbed
  • Conestoga and Curtain Side Trailers
  • Expedited/Team Driver Service

For shippers requiring dedicated service or capacity, we provide customized truckload solutions.

Intermodal rail truckload service is generally the most economical mode of freight transport, providing an alternative when truckload capacity becomes an issue. All intermodal rail is not the same, and we offer a variety of intermodal services to meet your budgetary and service requirements.

Intermodal rail options include:

  • Container-on-flatcar - By taking advantage of the imbalances that exist in the positioning of ocean containers from inland origins to ocean ports -- utilizing 20 foot, 40 foot and 45 foot ocean containers via rail -- we provide an economical option when transit time is not critical.
  • Stack-train Intermodal - Moving high-cube, 53 foot trailers via stack-train -- where trailers move without chassis for greater economy -- is an excellent choice for saving money and protecting the environment.
  • Trailer-on-flatcar - Over-the-road trailers equipped for movement on rail flatcar is an option for shipment of truckloads, between many origins and destinations. With more predictable transit times, this type of service is effective at reducing freight costs.
  • Fast-train - With strict departure and arrival schedules designed to approximate single driver truck transit times, this intermodal alternative is the best choice when consistent rates and transit times are the most important considerations.

LTL Consolidation / Pooled Distribution

Use Chemship-TMS to lower your freight costs and improve transit time, by bundling shipments to the same remote destinations or areas and shipping them together as consolidated volume LTL shipments or as truckloads with stop-offs. You can also pool your shipments going to a geographic region and take advantage of consolidated line-haul rates. We'll handle the last mile delivery. Our transportation professionals will guide you through the process of identifying and executing your own consolidation strategies, supported by our industry-leading transportation management system technology.

The benefits of LTL consolidation and pooled distribution are:

  • Lower freight costs
  • Reduced transit time
  • Less risk of freight loss and damage
  • Better control for appointment scheduling