Chemical Logistics Corporation (CLC) is a licensed air, ground, and ocean freight forwarding company, specializing in the consolidation and transport of less-than-truckload and truckload shipments of chemicals and chemical products. Since our founding in 1995, we’ve leveraged our transportation professionals, shipping assets, facilities and strategic business partners to provide first-class motor carrier and freight handling services, to a variety of clients across various industries.

Through the use of our state-of-the-art transportation management software, our Chemship-TMS system, we are able to provide customers with a robust platform to manage and control all aspects of their supply chain. Our industry leading technology and dedication to efficiency help you improve your supply chain processes, lowering your operating costs and increasing your bottom-line profit. We also use electronic and web-based communication technology to enhance communication and shipment management before, during and after delivery.

In addition to handling global shipments of chemicals and chemical products, we also offer complete supply chain analysis and design services, along with web-based information technology and customized reporting. These services allow you to remove waste from your supply chain and improve your quality management initiatives, ultimately enhancing your ability to compete in the marketplace. From warehousing to general consultancy and international shipping services, we work diligently to support all of your supply chain needs

Benefits To You

  • One-Stop-Shopping for logistic services with all coordination under one roof
  • Customized service designed and delivered to meet your specific needs
  • Fully integrated services capable of coordinating distribution logistics with procurement and production logistics
  • Improved market research using our established global distribution system
  • Shorter lead times to streamline your reaction times in the marketplace
  • Increased flexibility so market opportunities are not limited by distribution constraints
  • A knowledgeable source of information and assistance for international transport and trading

Get all of this and save

The Chemical Logistics program allows you to focus on your core business of manufacturing or marketing, while leaving the logistics detail and cost control to our experienced, efficient and dependable staff. The Chemical Logistics system allows you to :

  • Reduce staff overhead, downsize capital commitments, and treat logistics costs as variable cost items
  • Lower logistic costs through our economies-of-scale and one-stop-shopping
  • Pay for logistic services only when you need them - no cost when business is down
  • Brings to smaller firms the same trading opportunities and competitive logistic costs previously available only to the biggest companies supporting their own distribution networks